Waterways Planting Plan


This small unnamed stream is a tributary to the Roding River. It has been observed that the stream maintained a steady flow during the prolonged drought conditions 2014 – 2015 and as such will be important habitat for aquatic organisms.
It is also evident that the stream carries strong flows during wet conditions.
The headwater catchment of the stream is in forestry land with mixed ages of trees and evidence of significant roading and earth disturbance. The stream then is a likely conduit of sediment to the Roding and Waimea catchment.
The rationale behind the planting is to provide an improvement to not only the visual amenity of the property but also to fulfil some of the owner’s desires of creating an environmentally sound sub-division. Conversation with the owners revealed a very strong attachment to the land and an abiding willingness to enhance the environment where possible.

FuturEcology Aniseed Valley Planting Plan