Stream Planting Plan

Met with Rob from FuturEcology to review the planting plan for the stream on Wednesday. Rob has done a very professional job, identifying plants that exist, or once existed, in the valley. The riparian cross section starts with smaller species near the stream; carex flagellifera, carex virgata, anemainthele lessoniana (rare). logoMid sized plants; coprosmas, cortaderia richardii, cordylines, Teucridium parvifolium (rare), hebes, phorium tenax. Toward the outer edge we are planting pittosporums, pigianthus regius, sophora microphylia, dacrydium dacrydiodies.

The zone varies depending on the terrain and is between 10m and 30m wide. The entire length of the stream is divided in to 3 sections; The lower section near the river, the mid section with the natural stream terraces and the upper wetland section. Each section has it’s own planting plan. Full plans will be posted shortly.

Rob has put together a budget for the project:

Lower Section$14,500
Mid Section$46,000
Upper Section$38,500