Pre-application meeting with TDC

It’s usual to have a number of meetings with the TDC to review the content of the application before it’s submitted. The TDC gives suggestions and guidance but generally they don’t have strong views on the overall look of the proposal – their main interest is that the application meets the requirements under the Resource Management Act and the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

The recent meeting was attended by Mark Morris and Leif Piggot (TDC), Stepahn Meijer, Peter Bryan and Andrew Strange. The following topics were discussed. Another meeting is planned for later in June.

The consents being applied for are:

  1. Land User for the Right of Way
  2. Subdivision
  3. Bridge
  4. Earthworks (for the driveway and building platforms and bridge)


TDC have asked about who will own the bridge and if there will be public access over it. They have also asked for a stormwater report which TCE will have completed shortly.

TDC have indicated that the steel bridge design is favourable as it eliminates piers in the river bed. This means no works in the river bed and no obstructions to river flow during floods. The current steel bridge design meets NZTA’s Bridge Manual specifications, particularly the Q25 flood event with 1.2m of freeboard and the Q500 Ultimate State Limit.

With the creation of an esplanade reserve around the river there is a new opportunity. Having public access across the bridge provides easy access to this reserve. The question that arises is; should there be public access across the bridge with a parking area on the farm side so people don’t park along the roadside? Would neighbours prefer to have this access or would they prefer to have local-only access with no public access?

With public access across the bridge, ownership of the bridge would be offered to the council. Without public access ownership of the bridge would be shared by the residents. There is the possibility to provide RoW access in favour of those who are interested in this.

Intersection with Aniseed Valley Road

The intersection with Aniseed Valley Road needs to be shown on the application scheme plan.

Conditions for the Dwelling Sites

The landscape report makes a number of recommendations for the dwelling sites. The application will make it clear that these are being volunteered as consent notices on the respective titles. In order to assess the effects of the dwelling size we will define Building Location Areas (BLAs) for each of the dwelling sites. A restriction on building size will be 230m2. Is this appropriate for the site?

Lots 11 and 5 are to be held on the same title which means only one dwelling is possible for the two lots.

Landscaping Conditions

The landscape report includes a landscaping plan for the site and for the dwelling sites.

The application will make it clear what landscaping will be provided as a condition of the subdivision, ie, prior to Section 224 and what stage it will be completed and what landscaping will be provided by the lot owners at the building consent stage for the dwelling. This especially relates to the added screen planting and will be set out as volunteered conditions of the subdivision consent and/or volunteered as consent notice conditions.

Reverse Sensitivity

Volunteering of forestry friendly covenants could go a long way to ensure that existing commercial productive activities can continue in to the future.

Feedback and suggestions on the above, or any other aspects of the proposal would be appreciated.