Parking and Road to Vest

Met with Mark Morris and Ros Squire yesterday to discuss design of the small reserve on the farm side of the bridge. It was discussed;

  • We will provide a new amended scheme plan (see below from Duglad Ley) showing  road to vest for the area on the western side of the river and also an inset plan of the reserve showing  the 5 carparks as per the TRMP requirements
  • We will also volunteer a condition that  prior to Sec 223 that  the  final area and location  of the reserve be confirmed by the Council’s reserves manager.
  • We will confirm that  we will not be providing any screen planting on the reserve so that there can be maximum “passive  surveillance” of the reserve – at the request of council. Instead the reserve will  be presented in a grassed state ( as per TDC Engineering Stds)  except for a sealed access and  5 metaled car parks
  • Discussed the fact that grazing use is likely to continue after the esplanade strip is created which will not affect productivity.

It was acknowledged that reserves are not always positive for locals which is why this is designed primarily as just a car park with 5 spaces. This is for public wanting access to the esplanade reserve and to discourage parking along the main road side of the river.

Road to vest and reserve area (5 parking spaces)