Drilling Investigation and Site Testing Monday 4th May

CW Drilling will be on site this coming Monday. They will be at the proposed bridge location to drill two geotech cores, one on the road side of the river and one on the farm side. This is where Nelson Consulting Engineers have identified a promising location based on flood data, sight distances and stable rocky banks for the abutments.

The drill cores will show the profile of the ground down to 5m. This will help John Higginbotham design suitable foundations for the bridge abutments. It may work out that there is more work in building the abutments than building the actual bridge!

Delta and Chorus will visit Friday to mark any cable locations. We’re not aware of any underground electricity cables in the area but it pays to be 100% sure. The chorus map shows the telecommunications cable runs up the east side of the road (not the river side) but that will be confirmed on the ground as well.