Dig Day Results

Last Monday the geologist Anthony Chaney was on site directing various investigations.


On the farm side of the river bank CW Drilling drilled a cored hole down to about 6m


Because the cores are being collected by the engineer it’s quite a slow process, taking all day to drill the one hole. Not too many surprises – approximately 4m of alluvial gravels and then bedrock. Apparently both are good news for possible abutments.


CW Drilling also did a cone penetration test which gives a good indication of the soil bearing capacity.

On the road side two test pits found silty soil down to between 1m and 2m, and then bedrock. The silt is not a good base for abutments as it’s prone to subsidence and erosion. This means the footing will need to be dug down so it sits on the bedrock. Care was taken not to disturb the vegetation too much as this is what holds the river banks together during flooding.